Task List Review Section (C) Skill Acquisition

• The BACB’s Registered Behavior Technician (RBT®) Task List contains the primary tasks that RBT’s are responsible for on the board and during practice. This course is designed ensure competency as behavior technicians and provide RBT’s with a review of the selected task list item as outlined below:
C-1 Identify the essential components of a written skill acquisition plan.
C-2 Prepare for the session as required by the skill acquisition plan.
C-3 Use contingencies of reinforcement (e.g., conditioned/unconditioned reinforcement,
continuous/intermittent schedules).
C-4 Implement discrete-trial teaching procedures.
C-5 Implement naturalistic teaching procedures (e.g., incidental teaching).
C-6 Implement task analyzed chaining procedures.
C-7 Implement discrimination training.
C-8 Implement stimulus control transfer procedures.
C-9 Implement prompt and prompt fading procedures.
C-10 Implement generalization and maintenance procedures.
C-11 Implement shaping procedures.
C-12 Implement token economy procedures.
• The Task List is organized into the following primary content areas: Measurement, Assessment, Skill Acquisition, Behavior Reduction, Documentation and Reporting, and Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice.


Product Description

• The length of this course is 4 weeks during which the information is divided into 4 modules. Participants will meet with instructors through zoom lessons and will have access to the modules which cover information regarding the selected task list section. The zoom lessons will be recorded and saved in the module for playback option after the lesson has ended. Guided notes will be available for download with respect to each lesson, allowing the participant to follow along with the instructor. Each module will contain practice assignments that can be completed at your own pace and are not graded. The instructors will be available for office hours, which will be communicated via email.

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