Fieldwork Supervision Hours for BCBA

IMPORTANT: In order to obtain the competency assessment, the 40-hour coursework certificate must be completed in no less than 5 days and no more than 180 days. Additional requirements include the following: proof of the 40-hour coursework, high school certificate, & background check/fingerprints PRIOR to setting up the assessment appointments.




Initial Payment


Product Description


TRAINEE shall pay the Company:$5000

Breakdown of Costs:

Company is entitled to reimbursement for the cost of supplies directly relating to the services rendered hereunder.

Terms of payment:

Payment is due on day 5 of each month and payable as follows:

-First payment (due on the 5th of the month): Payment of $2000, covering the first 5 months of the training period. This payment includes a total of 40 hours of services provided during the first 5 months dividing each training into 2 hours per week for a total of 20 weeks.

-Monthly Payments (6) (payment monthly due on day 5th of the month): The trainee will pay $400 monthly for the next 6 months which makes a total of $2400. This covers the services provided during this period which will complete 2 hours per week. For a total of 24 weeks.

Last Payment (due on the 5th of the month): In the last month of training, the trainee will pay an additional $600. This amount exceeds the regular monthly payment as it will go towards their BCBA training package at the company.

To summarize:

Month 1: $2000 (1-time payment) NONREFUNDABLE
Months 6-11: $400 (monthly payments for 6 months)
Month 12: $600 (1-time Payment)
This payment plan spreads out the total payment of $5000 over a 1-year period, with varying monthly amounts and an additional payment in the final month for the BCBA training package.

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